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LaBelle Lifewear

Women and girl's wear filled with art and nature. 

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Playful color palettes

Enjoy soft hand painted silk scarves, charmeuse, habotai, and crepe. Perfect for any occasion. Order them for a bridal party with your specific color palette or for a birthday. Each one is hand painted and unique. Prices vary on size and color.


Fabric from nature

Quality linen, silk, or cotton are used in each piece. The linen will crinkle though will always breathe and have a fun color palette. The silk scarves are soft filled with detail and whimsical colors.


Timeless and Classic with a twist of color and movement

LaBelle Lifewear is a nature inspired brand filled with color, movement, comfort, and simply art. I believe everyone is creative in there own way. Maybe my clothing or art may inspire your creative side and live with your imagination, dreams, and goals wrapped up in one; For a happy fulfilling life that you deserve. Have fun.

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